I Hate You - Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality

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I Hate You - Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality

I Hate You - Don't Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality

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The theologian Paul Tillich wrote that "loneliness can be conquered only by those who can bear solitude. Una dintre puținele cărți de "psihologie pentru toți" citită de mine care nici nu simplifică excesiv, nici nu se pierde în abstracțiuni științifice. I guess it hurts to realise that instead of being supportive and kind, I should've kept on being a narcissistic jerk. It's definitely not a way to diagnose people or yourself, but getting to know that such world exists—with all its symptoms and stories—could lead to a whole different and new perspective. Furthermore, whether it was published in the 1980's or now, it lacks a feminist analysis which in turn normalizes violence (and in particular intimate partner violence) and heterosexist stereotypes about women and men's behaviors and emotions.

Most of the cut-and-dry science in this book is accurate, but the cut-and-dry science makes up only a very small portion of the book, the rest of which is filled with baseless speculation, Freudian psychoanalysis, just-so stories, and random anecdotes. It is like an anxious person suffers from anxiety and you can't tell them to calm the f*ck down, I don't know if I am managing to convey what I mean clearly. When challenges occur or the person they love does not act as expected, they might assume the worst or experience extreme fear that drives harmful actions like reassurance-seeking or splitting. A statement like “I know just how bad you are feeling” invites a mocking rejoinder that, indeed, you do not know, and only aggravates conflict.Either way, you will feel better prepared for a situation that you may run into again in relationships in the future. And it doesn't matter whether you have a mental Health issue or not, at some point in your life you'll relate to parts of this story. without becoming buried in what bpd may have been or will be this book tries to convey the important parts you are, likely desperately, wanting to know about and still includes actual useful actions and methods of communication that are immediately useful.

There was no medication when the 1st edition was published, so this is an all-new chapter -- and it's clear the author doesn't understand any of it. You may learn of a history of being shuffled between therapists, doctors, medications, or hospitals without any solid resolution of their problems. He must accept, without being excused or protected, the real consequences of his actions, even though initially he may be powerless to alter them. The overall feel and tone is demeaning and dehumanizing and for a book recommended by my Doctor and Psychiatrist I found it lack the supportive feel I was expecting.I appreciate that but the message that my employer should judge me as a typical person in those scenarios is career ending and hateful. So the case studies usually start out each chapter and section and then possible reasons in a person's history or upbringing for these traits are given.

So she will often rush to singles bars or with crowded haunts, often with disappointing--or even violent--results. But, when these normal ups and downs become more intense and erratic, it can leave you feeling bitter, angry, and even helpless.

Dar, odată ce ești mai aproape de centru pe axa comportamentelor (și mai departe de extreme), poți învăța să te vindeci și singur, ca cineva care învață să meargă cu un șchiopătat (cum se spune în ultimul capitol, căruia i-aș da 5*). He mentions that bpd is commonly found in people who have a history of sexual assault and childhood trauma. He is constantly building up women with BPD as some kind of supernatural sexual other bent causing chaos for the good, family men around her. You may learn of an unstable, problematic family history with either absent or divorced parents or overbearing, suffocating ones.

The one whose quirky sense of humor and adorable mannerisms bring a joyful smile to your face will later leave you weary and exasperated when they leave the cap off the toothpaste or forget to put the toilet seat down yet again. In each case study mentioned the focus is on 'look how crazy this lady is', and compassion, empathy or even an attempt to understand the sociobiological causes of the behaviour are nowhere to be seen. Having had two very important individuals in my life (one diagnosed, the other un), this book, I'll admit, armed me with previously unobtained knowledge on the condition.When there is no excuse for sabotage, they make one up, intentionally provoking problems and creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Being a patient myself I found the personal stories of other BPDs and explanations of our conducts to be really good and felt like looking at myself in the mirror. In psychology, this tendency is known as splitting or alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation of significant people, events, or actions. Anyone who offers admiration and respect has appeal to them—and because their need for affection is so great, their ability to discriminate is severely impaired. Was everything black and white, all or nothing, love or hate, ecstacy or despair, with few in-betweens?

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