Locked - A Femdom Male Chastity Bundle

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Locked - A Femdom Male Chastity Bundle

Locked - A Femdom Male Chastity Bundle

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The Mistresses leaned into each other and their lips locked with their cocks sinking further inside me. Mistress R was telling me about the new chastity device she got that lets her tie her sissy husband’s balls to the door of her office. Only a Dominant Woman who discovers and unleashes her dominant energy is capable of experiencing sex on this higher level. The thought of being exposed to a house keeper with my cock caged, ass plugged, mouth forced open with the gag and the smarting bruises stinging my cheeks was humiliating. My head hung to my chest and Mistress K raised it by placing her index finger under my chin and lifting it up.

I’ve shared this article with others, and the big question is about how your husband feels, is this abuse, how consensual is this, etc. And I think it would be most torturous for me to keep the key right here, so you can always see it and be reminded of your cock cage, slave. I leaned forward and Mistress T pulled on the rope cuffs behind my back, which forced my head down sharply. She sat on the bed, gripped my foot in her hand and firmly struck the sole of my foot with the cane.She swung it back and forth like a pendulum; my eyes followed the movement of the tiny object that now controlled my cock. I love when she controls me, but my moment of arousal was short lived as I heard a door open down the corridor. They didn't see me, but I felt another bead of sweat, this time from my forehead, roll down the side of my face.

My tongue lapped up every drop of Mistress K's cum from the foot and heels presented before me and the taste reminded me of just how much I missed licking Mistress's cunt. I’m sure some of you have ideas for men in chastity, but most won’t think to do the type of training mentioned in this article. This one contained a picture, something three times as erotic and tempting as anything I had sent Mistress earlier.I want everyone to know who owns you" she said before turning and walking out of the exit to the station. Now that you've taken your punishment like a good slave I'm going to give you some time to think about the reasons I had to punish you. I don’t humiliate him too much, we have written rules and a safe word if things get too much, for us, it’s more about locking him up and teasing him.

She ate her dinner slowly, talking about her week at the spa and all the fun ideas she’d picked up from her sexy dominatrix friends. I quickly forgot about any pain it caused with every thrust pushing my Mistresses' cocks deeper and deeper into my ass and mouth. Above is how it all started when we first started playing with chastity devices, it was pretty tame compared to the kinds of rules we have in place for him and his cock now. Making regular use of denial is one of Mistress’s most powerful tools to keep a slave on his toes, and helps to amplify the feeling of helplessness the slave will feel while he doesn’t have control of his penis. Like most Dominant Women, once I discovered and embraced my dominant nature, there was no going back and I ran with it.My husband also loves losing complete control of his cock, knowing I am now responsible for all pleasure and am in total control of his manhood makes him weak at the knees. Luckily, the stall was empty, but unluckily, the door hung crooked on its hinges – anyone coming into the bathroom would be clearly able to see what I was up to. Mistress X didn’t respond, which I could only hope meant that she had found the images satisfactory.

Even if he was in a chastity device, he would on occasion orgasm when I was taking him with my strap-on.It’s a dangerous world out there so keep your wits about you and always use sound judgment and good old common sense. Etsy’s 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centres that host Etsy. Two weeks until you have even a shot at earning your next orgasm, so get up and go clean the kitchen. It’s not exclusively a chastity thing, but is a favorite among Mistresses who like to show their slaves who’s boss. Other forms of submission, of service, many vanilla, flow naturally from that realisation, and certainly not forgetting the far deeper intimacy and sense of completeness, of oneness, that a very close and loving couple like us experiences daily… despite the best efforts of vanilla life to constantly “throw spanners in the works”, I might add!

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