Fall of Snow: A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 3)

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Fall of Snow: A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 3)

Fall of Snow: A Dark Mafia Romance (Frost Industries Book 3)

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Elijah knew what he wanted he wants a queen to rule beside him not behind him, there relationship is rocky at first since she doesn't trust him and doesn't love the idea of being away from her family plus hes OTT for her lol. Possessive, bossy, growly and oh so dirty 🥵🥵🥵 but few times he does things that makes you question "do I find this hot? This book was not a dark romance, I have read a lot of dark romances and liked them but this book plot has so many holes, the heroine was a door mat portrayed as someone with a spine. The one thing I really love about this series is how well the author does pick up where the previous books left off. Only read this far because I was hoping FMC would escape this horrible situation and find a better life while getting revenge on MMC, but that is clearly not where this book was heading.

The author always keeps me ready for the next book, so now I can't wait for Storm's story even if it will be the last one. I was super excited to read Elijah’s story after the last book because there was something so damn dark but so damn alluring about him. Just like the other two in the series this book had me hooked for beginning to end and I couldn’t put it down. Their FUCKING WEDDING,which not only endangered every person they invited but also jeopardizing all of their immediate family members including our fmc pregnant sister.Their ages were never really confirmed, and dates were kept vague, which made it hard to create a timeline of events. Elijah isn't the man I thought he would be, and he continued to change being with Snow, but he still stayed a total alpha that liked things rough and dirty! Snow was a great character in the previous books and seeing her come into her own and fall in love with the deliciously dark Elijah was stunning. I just sincerely hope that any readers out there who enjoy this book can demarcate the good, the bad, the right and the wrong.

She has also had this constant shadow in her life over the last ten years and that shadow would be Elijah so when she finds herself in his clutches she kind of knows what she is in for. Alsooo,,despite being crushed under a beam and being in a burning building for extremely long time, the heroine doesn't have a single burn like yeah sure that's possible.My only qualm with this book was - the first kiss either wasn’t mentioned (hey, I’m a romantic, I enjoy the smut but I LIVE for that first kiss) or it was mentioned and it was on their wedding day…. Grant it the book didn’t start with Snow falling for Elijah right off the bat, but I literally couldn’t put it down. But seeing as the actions of both the main characters were extremely stupid and reckless, I can see any person with a proper functioning brain taking them out. There weren't as many spicy moments as I was expecting, although the gun was not something I had ever considered before. I would also like to know if these people are such big scary mafia, why does this happen and why are there so many breaks in security and how can the girls escape security so easily?

I saw a bunch of tiktoks on this book before I started reading and thought this was going to be a regular mafia book but no. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but it was actually just a short, slightly psycho, dark romance. I actually liked the characters by the end, but at first I thought his intensity could've been turned down a notch (he would've been more likeable).

There were so many times in the book that she could have told her family what was going on and I really don’t think Elijah could do anything about plus her family is supposed to be scary mafia. I must admit that i wasnt 100% sure about it in the beginning Stalker posessive guy watches a girl for 10 years while planning to kidnap her and by one way or another make her his, which made me think of a modern day version of beauty and the beast but with the beast being a dominant, violent, emotionally unavailable rival mafia lord who is obessseed with a somewhat spoilt, stroppy, argumentative girl. For example, we know that he has known her and stalked her since the moment they met 10 years ago, but the author, [as far as I could tell] never said his age aside from he was 7 when he had his hand burnt by his father with a toy truck for daring to try and have a childhood. I would give it the extra star if Elijah could be made to understand that what he did was non consensual but my biggest issue with this story is that it doesn’t wrap up the action part of the story!

Snow doesn’t understand why Elijah would want her, she knows how the families work they just want good breeding lines and then they are done, but each time Elijah become possessive she makes herself wonder is that all he wants, could he want more and feel what she’s starting to feel. I can understand why this is a DNF for a lot of people but I also think there is a certain amount of “reader beware” with mafia romance. which makes no sense because they were going at it like bunny rabbits well before here comes the bride. When by some "miracle" the tracker gets ON and they know their location only 3 men including our MMC go to the desired location without ever thinking about the possibility,it may be a trap.I came across Fall of Snow purely by accident but after reading some reviews though i would give it a try. Fuck this LITERAL RAPE PORN where he ON PAGE ASSAULTS HER after kidnapping her and repeatedly saying he owns her and will take whatever he wants and she no longer has any free will, fuck every account that recommended it on Instagram and fuck every single five star review on here. To ensure a positive gaming experience, it’s important to choose a licensed and reputable online casino that adheres to Slovakian regulations. Nothing is quiet as exciting to her as reading a good book and then talking about it or making comments while reading with her friends that have read the book too.

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