ZingZillas World Music Tour [DVD]

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ZingZillas World Music Tour [DVD]

ZingZillas World Music Tour [DVD]

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The ZingZillas have a swinging train song to sing, so DJ introduces us to the BBC Big Band playing a train-sort of tune, but Panzee and Zak can't agree who is going to be the driver of the train - whether "choo-choo" or "whoo-whoo!". If they don't settle their argument there'll be no Big Zing! But they manage to sort it out with Zak in the leading saying choo-choo and Panzee in the lead saying whoo-whoo! They're now ready to play! The ZingZillas wake up and ask Todd for an idea for a song. Tang presses the button to switch the TV on and Drum copies him by pressing the button again. This has the effect of switching the TV off again - before Todd has had a chance to say anything. When any of the ZingZillas speaks, Drum copies. The others realise that Drum is copying them. It soon gets very annoying and Panzee drags Drum off to the glade to stop her annoying the others.

The ZingZillas gather together in the clubhouse to rehearse Panzee's street dance song. Zak and Drum both demonstrate cool dance moves and then they play their new song Catch That Beat. After they have practised the song, they ask Tang which cool dance he is going to do. But he can't think of one. What are they going to do? If Tang doesn't come up with a street dance move, they won't be able to perform the Big Zing. In the glade, Tang sees Bellatrix, a beatboxer, performing a beatbox song. Bellatrix makes all the beaty noises with her mouth. Tang is inspired to write a beatboxing song. While Todd goes into his cave to clean up the ZingZillas rehearse their song with Tang's music. Todd heads off to see if there are any jobs to do at the Moaning Stones Beach, but he spots the Stones in party hats and he begins to guess what is going on.It's carnival time on ZingZilla Island. Rhythms of the City, a Brazilian Samba band, are playing and dancing in the Big Zing. The ZingZillas have a fabulous song but Panzee can't decide what to wear. Fed up with Zak's behaviour, Tang, Drum and Panzee leave to set up a new band! Zak realises his mistake and decides to write them a fan letter to persuade them to get together again in time for the Big Zing. The ZingZillas decide to do an oompah Big Zing. When DJ explains that this style of music is called oompah because of the sound the tuba makes, Tang suddenly realises that the twisty thing Todd gave him is in fact a tuba - not a vase or a fruit bowl.

Over in the glade all the ZingZillas and DJ Loose like listening to Sir James Galway playing the flute. He plays a gentle piece of music followed by a more upbeat, funky and jazzy piece. Tang thinks the gentle style of flute playing would go beautifully with his gentle Big Zing song. However, Zak thinks they don't need the flute because they have the hooter. He can't believe his ears when Tang admits to 'losing' the hooter.Having seen a full-size orchestra in the Glade, the ZingZillas return to the Coconut Hut to compete against each other in the Big Quiz. The winner will win the Golden Coconut. Todd is the question master and the Beach Byrds are his able assistants. The questions are on the four sections of the orchestra - strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Zak has a simple idea - he needs a spoon, a cooker, big pots, little pots, long wooden spoons, many bowls, etc. - which doesn't satisfy Panzee. Tang and Drum suggest they pretend to be cooking. But they need moves as they only play instruments so, together with DJ Loose, they enlist the help of the Zingboppers to create actions for a song called Cooking in the Kitchen. This DVD contains five episodes [5] (note that it's not the first five of the series, although there's a lot of overlap):Drum's imaginary friend Pom Pom starts to boss everybody around and stops the ZingZillas from rehearsing for the Big Zing. What can Panzee, Zak and Tang do about Pom Pom without upsetting Drum?

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